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Pastor, missionary, and successful author Dr. Gene Lingerfelt looks back on 40 plus years of spreading God’s Word. Traveling to more than 40 nations during more than four decades in ministry, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has helped plant 68 churches in countries around the world. As the senior pastor and co-founder of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas, […]

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt recalls first missionary trip to Africa

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt Pastor Gene Lingerfelt looks back favorably on his first missionary trip to Africa with wife Sue over 35 years ago. In 1982 and 1983, Dr. Gene Lingerfelt served as an instructor at the East Africa School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya. The year and a half in Africa were a formative experience for Dr. […]

Pastor Gene Lingerfelt

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt offers a closer look at his many workbooks and courses of study

Author and pastor Dr. Gene Lingerfelt of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas, provides a closer look at his work. From “Spiritual Authority” to “Mighty Men of God,” Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has written a wide range of workbooks, courses of study, and additional books on faith, spirituality, success, and marriage. Dr. Lingerfelt is both an accomplished author and a […]

Pastor Gene Lingerfelt

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt highlights success as a pastor to men

Faith Christian Center co-founder Dr. Gene Lingerfelt highlights the gender gap which exists within many of America’s churches. Known for reaching—and for being a pastor to—men in the community, although rarely acknowledged, it is unusual, says Dr. Gene Lingerfelt, to have a church where there are as many men as women, as he reveals more about […]

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Dr. Gene Lingerfelt reflects on his 35-year career as a highly-respected pastor and author

Author and pastor Gene Lingerfelt reflects on a successful career history spanning more than three decades. A published author, having written numerous books including “’10 Words That Can Change Your Life” and “The God Touch,”’ Dr. Gene Lingerfelt has enjoyed a successful calling as a well-respected pastor spanning some 35 years, during which time the Texas Christian […]